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4、Conventional tubing and casing service.
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Conventional casing Running services is by oil casing tongs and other equipment to connect casing that is the drilling process needed for the production of each layer of the casing and tubing. At same time ,the casing must be connected according to optimal torque, ensuring that after the oil casing into the well ,the high temperature and high pressure state in the best seal state .So the casing can provide a safe and reliable channel for oil production .

       Worlda company has rich casing equipment resources, all equipment are from Europe and theUnited states. Such as Hydraulic tongs, hydraulic pump station, torque instrument .All belongs to the top product of petroleum industry at present.

       We can provide service:

1. According to customer requirements to provide equipment for the job, we will recommend taking cost-effective equipment, high performance operation service.

2. We can help our customers to train a operations team, provide technical training and consulting services in the shortest possible time and to put into use and obtain economic benefits.

3.We can provide service to repair and maintenance support when the equipment have problems in the process of using. In order to meet the needs of field operations , we can provide spare parts and maintenance spare parts whenever you want .

4. We can provide varied equipment to be satisfied with different drilling rig.

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