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3、Liner hanger running and supervising service.
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Worlda provide foreign famous liner hanger equipment with service. The product line is backed with 35 years of engineering technology and expertise and manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards and COR certified. They provide and service a complete product line of liner hanger equipment based on our their proprietary designs as well as other world wide recognizable standards.

Liner hanger consists of two parts. They are sale tools and rent tools.

The sale tools :

1. Polished Bore Receptacle(PBR).

2. Liner Top Packer.

3. Liner Hanger.

4. Float Collar.

5. Float shoe.

6. Wiper Plug.

7. Dropping Ball.

8. Drilling Plug.

9. Landing Collar.

The rent tools:

1. Lift Sub.

2. Floating Junk Bonnet.

3. Rotating Packer Actuator.

4. Hydraulically Releasing 'R' tool.

5. Stinger.

6. Pickup Sub.

7. RSM Pack-Off.

8. Top Drive Cementing Head.

Principle of operation:

The liner hanger is hydraulic. So we can use a Dropping Ball to build the pressure in liner hanger to open liner hanger. Then we utilize the rent tools to run the liner hanger and casing which needed to run the depth of design. The next , we release the dropping ball into the liner hanger. Pressure is transmit by the pressure transmission hole of liner hangers . Setting screw will be cut off . Slips will be removed to conical surface by pressure.  The liner hanger will be fasted on the casing by slips .

Go on pressing , broking the ball seat, setting up circulating.  We can separate liner hanger from the rent tools . After cement, we can put forward all rent tools from well .  Now the work is end.


1.High quality alloy, high mechanical strength, our liner hanger can hang more casing.

2.Hydraulically Releasing 'R' tool , we can setting liner hanger by controlling hydraulic pressure. It is safer.

3.RSM Pack-Off can seal up packer and stinger. It is so important for build a high pressure into liner hanger.

4.At same time ,the RSM Pack-Off can take back when we take the rent tools.

5.Wiper Plug , ball seat ,float shoe, float collar are can be drilled.



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